Paul Davis is a life coach and minister empowering people relationally and professionally to live their dreams and break their limitations. A master in the art of communication and neurolinguistic programming, Paul has received extensive academic training and spiritual impartation from the best and the brightest. A highly sought after professional speaker, Paul has addressed audiences in over 40 countries and 6 continents worldwide. Transcending walls that divide, Paul is a bridge-builder, liberator, prophetic voice and dream-maker.

Jesus, the head of the Church, must again be exalted to the highest place. The Holy Spirit must be given liberty to move in the Lord's house. Religion can no longer replace relationship with the risen Christ. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3) Paul is relaying the foundational doctrines and principles of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-2) that bring refreshing from the Presence of God and preparing the way of the Lord (Acts 3:19-21).

Paul articulates and demonstrate God's saving, healing and delivering power. He carries a message of revival and reform that revolutionizes peoples and nations. The breakthrough anointing upon his ministry imparts revelation and brings divine manifestation wherever he goes.

Through evangelistic campaigns, weekly revival meetings, insightful books, Pastors conferences, youth camps, University ministry, and church planting - SOTM is equipping and empowering people to live victoriously in these last days.

Founded by Paul Davis in 1995, Sons Of Thunder Ministries (SOTM) is a worldwide evangelistic ministry that seeks and saves the lost, strengthens local churches, revives believers, equips and empowers disciples to fulfill their ministerial callings, and brings the prophetic word of the Lord to the Church, nations and world leaders.

SOTM birthed R Generation (the University campus ministry) in 2002 at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Paul also Pastors the English speaking youth (junior high, high school, and college) at Chinese Bread of Life Church in Oviedo, FL. The youth group also bears the name R Generation. The vision of R Generation is to build a new generation to revive the nations. Through training and raising youth leaders at the high school and University level, R Generation is rapidly reaching the lost and making disciples ready to revive this generation.

As an entrepreneur and catalyst of change, Paul is also branching out into other endeavors in the business world to further extend his influence into the marketplace. Consulting, counseling, negotiation, mediation, marketing, and dream design are just a few of the professional services Paul offers his clients in the private sector. Because vision requires provision, Paul is continually enlarging his world in every facet and sphere, building bridges and establishing key pivotal relationships to provide mutual fulfillment and accomplishment for all parties involved.

None of us are as strong as all of us. Therefore when we come together our strengths are further fortified and are dreams thereby realized. That's what it's all about - allowing God the DreamMaker to intervene and orchestrate extraordinary things for you to make your dreams come true!